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Assistant Project Manager

Kevin is a veteran of the construction dafabet online bettingindustry, with nearly two decades of experience under his belt. A native of Columbia, Kevin owned and operated his own concrete pouring company for several years before he made the switch to a role as on-site Superintendent with a commercial construction company. It was there dafabet sports loginhe gained valuable experience managing schedules, communicating with design teams and owners, coordinating materials and equipment deliveries, maintaining work logs, and providing regular reporting. When Kevin joined Hood Construction in 2019, it was first as a Superintendent before dafabet online bettinghe ultimately made the move to his current role as Assistant Project Manager. His years of experience working on-site have made him well-equipped to working in a Project Management role, where he can apply his boots-on-the-ground expertise to all phases of the project from pre-construction dafabet loginto closeout. To round out his experience, Kevin also completed the AGC Construction Project Manager Course, a professional development program.

In his personal time, Kevin enjoys fitness and weightlifting, having competed in the past as a national-level bodybuilder, and has also dafabet online bettingworked as a personal trainer. He can be found watching the Red Sox or his Gamecocks, and enjoys spending time with his daughter and granddaughters.